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About Popodeus

Popodeus has been created, is managed and coded by Lucifer de Jesús. The name popodeus comes from an old huge project, created by a Popmundo player. The website was shut down after his retirement. Years have passed and I have came up with an idea, resurrected the old abandoned domain and created a brand new website. The outcome was a stupendous website with an enormous content.

But of course, even though the website is coded by me, there are many other people who has somehow contributed to this project. I thank them for everything they have done. You can see some of their names below in this page and the others in Staff page.

Popodeus is a multilingual website and the whole content you see here is translated to your language by our voluntary translators. Our main language is English which means the content is prepared and written in english. So you won't be able to see them in your language until translators finish their job. Some of the help contents and guides here are taken from Popmundo players, you will see their names around.

We are not part of the official popmundo website. This is however, an unofficial help site which has the sincerest blessings from popmundo developers. I also want to thank them for letting us use their css, graphics and translations.

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