20.08.2019 17:12

About Lucifer

Lucifer de Jesús is my one and only character in Popmundo. I joined Popmundo 6 years ago on 2009. I am father of a huge family, former Chief of Justice and Mayor of Montreal.

I have created Popodeus to ease your pain and ensure that you find everything you need about Popmundo in a single massive website. I do my best to create more content and add new features, but remember that I also have a life outside the internet. So forgive me, if you catch an outdated content.

This is a tough project to maintain. That's why I need your advices, comments and any other kind of feedback. I am also looking for voluntary translators. For any issues related to Popodeus you can contact me using the contact info below.

Popmundo: Lucifer de Jesús
E-Mail: Lucifer@popodeus.com
Skype: LuciferdeJesus


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