28.01.2020 18:50


Popodeus is here to introduce you with new and orijinal tools! Here is one of them, AvaTOR. AvaTOR is like an avatar playlist. How long does it take you to get bored of your current avatar? 6 hours? 2 days? 1 week? 2 months? Choose the time interval of your liking and your avatar will change into next one when the time comes! Here is howto use the AvaTOR:
- Add the links of the avatars you want to use now and the near future. You can add as many avatars as you like. Enter a different avatar link into each line.
- Choose the time interval that you want your avatar to change.
- Press Generate.
- Copy the final link that Popodeus will give you and paste it as an image url on your Portrait page in Popmundo.

Don't forget that AvaTOR will NOT resize your avatars, so you should use resized avatar links. You can crop and resize them using our Avatar Resize & Upload tool.

Your avator will automatically change

This tool has been used 1,669 times.

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