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Popodeus is looking for translators.

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Welcome to the Popodeus! This an unofficial Popmundo help site that indexes a huge content. Check About Popodeus page for more information.

This is a though project to maintain. That's why we need your advices, comments and any other kind of feedback. We are also looking for voluntary translators.

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You can use the form below to send feedback to us. Advices, comments and any other kind of feedback is welcome. Your feedback will be published after our cardinals approve them. This area is not for chatting or personal matters. Thank you for your feedback!
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Guest at popodeus 27.05.2017, 09:43 (Türkçe)

Avatarda boyutlandırma ve kesme sorunu yaşanıyor yardımcı olur musunuz

Carlo Monteleone at popodeus 06.05.2017, 12:52 (English)

I cant remember my username/password and cant create new account because my Popmundo ID is already in use. Where can I reset my password?

Guest at popodeus 17.04.2017, 13:50 (English)

Aktivasyon maili elime bir türlü ulaşmıyor. Yardımcı olabilir misiniz acaba? Donna White.

Guest at popodeus 07.04.2017, 22:19 (Türkçe)

Hi Im looking for some guide for Company owners, or related to business (how to handle different locales etc) Is there anything similar around the web?

Guest at popodeus 06.04.2017, 19:37 (English)


Lucifer de Jesús at popodeus 24.03.2017, 07:26 (English)

Hello, The avatar resize and upload tool doesnt work.

Guest at popodeus 14.03.2017, 02:03 (English)

Since a few days ago, the avatar tool is not working, neither on laptop or mobile. The image can be uploaded but there is not a way to select a size on it to crop

Guest at popodeus 12.03.2017, 22:23 (English)

Avatar Resize bölümünde boyutlandırma ve kesme işlemi yapılamamakta.

Guest at popodeus 12.03.2017, 18:45 (English)

Selam hesabım hala aktifleştirilmedi dünden beri eğer email ile aktifleştiriliyorsa emailime de hiç bir aktive edin adında bir bildirim gelmedi yardımcı olur musunuz lütfen ? Bu arada adım Luka Milidragović teşekkürler iyi günler

Guest at popodeus 24.02.2017, 21:01 (Türkçe)


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