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Welcome to the Popodeus! This an unofficial Popmundo help site that indexes a huge content. Check About Popodeus page for more information.

This is a though project to maintain. That's why we need your advices, comments and any other kind of feedback. We are also looking for voluntary translators.

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Thank you for all of these.

Behçet Yakın at popodeus 25.05.2019, 21:56 (Türkçe)

The Popmundo Essentials script doesnt work for me, no hamburger or anything else shows up. Im on Firefox and the MoveHere script does work. Any idea on what Im doing wrong?

Howard Borovicka at popodeus 10.05.2019, 17:42 (English)

Avatar Resize & Upload it does not work. Please fix

Guest at popodeus 30.04.2019, 14:42 (English)

Portrait isnt working

Guest at popodeus 30.04.2019, 09:49 (English)

Cant remember my password. Is there a way to reset it?!

Guest at popodeus 26.03.2019, 17:39 (English)

Avatar resize and tool still not working? Hmm...

Guest at popodeus 19.03.2019, 16:28 (English)

I installed in Firefox (Greasemonkey) 64.0.2 move here, essentials and PPM numeric grades. Only move here works :(

Tommy Kane at popodeus 12.01.2019, 12:12 (Italiano)

Hey. I sent a screenshot. Did you get it?

Guest at popodeus 08.01.2019, 01:36 (English)

Due to an annoying security update that Google Chrome has implemented, nearly all of the scripts are broken. I am working on a fix but in the meantime you can switch to Mozilla Firefox for scripts which still works.

Lucifer de Jesús at popodeus 05.01.2019, 13:19 (English)

The Item Locker script doesnt work on Chrome and Tampermonkey, says theres an error about kod not being defined, or similar, while on FireFox with Greasemonkey it works.

Will Hunting at popodeus 28.12.2018, 11:48 (English)


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